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Typing Trainer Quick Tour

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Typing Trainer helps you to quickly learn typing in an easy and simple manner. The Quick Tour by the Home Tutor teaches you some simple tricks to help you type faster. The easy drills and practice sessions of the online typing tutor are just what you need to be a typing master. The step-by-step procedure is a great way to gear up to learn a new skill.

Feature Highlights

Motoric Warm Up   Learning New Keys

Motoric Warm Up

Learn how to type without looking at the keys on the keyboard with this online English tutor. The faster you can mentally recall the keys, the easier it is to type. The warm-up drill helps you familiarize yourself with the typing process, making it easier for you to stimulate the muscle memory.


Learning New Keys

Learn about every single key on the typical keyboard and what they do. This online tutoring service helps you to mentally recall the position of the keys you need and teaches you how to memorize the required finger movements to access them.

Training Words   Training Sentences

Training Words

Once you know where the keys are, you can start practicing typing words. Typing Trainer contains a number of simple exercises that will help you to master the process of typing words quickly and efficiently.


Training Sentences

Once you’ve learnt how to type words without looking at the keyboard, you can progress to typing full sentences. The sentence practice sessions will help you learn how to type entire sentences. While this can daunting at first, you’ll be a pro in no time. You’ll be looking at the screen and not the keyboard while typing, and the software will warn you whenever you misspell something, helping you to correct mistakes quickly and easily.

Smart Review   Measure Your Progress

Smart Review

Everyone is different, and in your quest to conquer touch typing, you’ll experience different problems than other users. The Smart Review system identifies the words or sentences that you frequently experience problems typing so that you can focus on them in your future training. You will be prompted to practice typing these words correctly, which will help to improve your typing accuracy.


Measure Your Progress

Learning is no fun if you can’t see how far you’ve come. Typing Trainer encourages you to type in small paragraphs at the end of each lesson so that you can understand how you’re progressing. A little visual help will be available to help you see just how far you’ve progressed.