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Letter E and I Quick Tour

Letter E and I Quick Tour

Lesson 3 is designed to help you understand the basics of typing while gradually developing your typing skills. The procedure improves your typing abilities by presenting you with progressively tougher challenges. You start out simple, and as you progress, so do the challenges. Do not expect something simple to come your way later on!

Feature Highlights

Motoric Warm Up   The New Keys: E & I

Motoric Warm Up

Check the screen and identify the corresponding keys on the keyboard. This lesson helps you identify the different keys on the keyboard so that you can memorize them. Simply observe the stars on the screen and click on the corresponding keyboard button. It’s a great way to start exercising your memory muscles.


The New Keys: E & I

This typing lesson helps you to identify and become accustomed to the E and I keys. You’ll be asked to complete a number of exercises that require you to type in different letters. A major focus will be placed on how fast you’re typing correctly.

Word Drills   Sentence Drill

Word Drills

This is a great way to learn new words. Once you’ve mastered typing letters, you can start typing in new words. You will be given different words to key in three times and each time you make a mistake, you’ll have to start over again. As you progress, the words will become more and more challenging, and you’ll be tested on whether you can start picking up the typing pace while typing the word correctly.


Sentence Drill

If you can type in different words together, you’re now ready to type entire sentences. You will be presented with a series of different sentences, unique ones that you don’t typically come across in everyday conversation. As you progress, expect things to get trickier.

Smart Review   Skills Test

Smart Review

Are you going wrong somewhere? Typing Trainer will identify the words and letters that you fumble with the most so that you can practice and master them.


Skills Test

If you believe you’ve mastered the art of typing, it’s time you take the skills test. The skills tests assess various aspects of your typing skills, even asking you to type sentences that don’t immediately make sense. The focus is on measuring how quickly you can type without making errors. Once you’ve passed the test, you can be confident that you’re well on the way to mastering touch typing and typing quickly will become second nature.